switch is a multi-genre, diverse ensemble founded in 2017 by classical musicians who secretly wanted their own indie pop band.

By marrying their love of pop and chamber music, the group is able to create a new type of concert experience that bridges the gap between old and new. Equally at home in the concert hall, an industrial warehouse, or your local dive bar, switch is ushering in something fresh and exciting. We’re your relaxed, open-concept antidote to the traditional classical music vibe.

Come as you are, have a drink with us; let’s share some wonderful music together.

switch music LA


P. Blake Cooper, tuba

Jeff Grant, percussion/drumset

Kat Grant, flute

Rachel Hockenberry, horn

Lyndy McGrody, bassoon

Erika Miras, horn

Angelo Quail, clarinet

Rachel Van Amburgh, oboe